We will take your idea and build it into a real-world application.

Unless your small business creates and sells apps to others, chances are good that as a small business owner you don’t have the technical chops to create an app on your own. Of course, there’s no dearth of vendors and individuals who will create an app for you. Once upon a time, those people charged a lot of money to create custom apps — and many still do.

In the early days of mobile, only big companies with deep pockets and huge customer bases could afford — and felt the need for — apps. Now, consumers expect every company they do business with to make their lives a bit easier by having an app. Fortunately, services like Delian Digital's can help small businesses live up to their customers’ app expectations!

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Your business vision, then app development

No user need an app, they need a solution for their problems what will save them some time. Understanding your idea and business vision is very important for us, we want to understand your customers, experienced the engagement with your business and then we will realize your solution particularly.

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Not just application development important, but delivering to the right user is valuable too. Our marketing team will take your business and build the unique marketing strategy besides on what your audience was, is and will.

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iOS Development


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Product Iteration

We’re always working to improve your product. By conducting user interviews, consolidating feedback, and making performance improvements we are able to rapidly and efficiently make adjustments to your product, ensuring you achieve your goals.

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Android Development

We ensure that your Android mobile app will enable users to interact with you, no matter where they are or what mobile device they use. We use a process that combines user experience as well as visual design so that your product aligns closely with your goals.

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Augmented Reality

We look in the future, and the future is AR. Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. More and more startups and small businesses using AR as their central idea.

SEO Process


As soon as you contact us, we hit the ground running. During phase 0, or the discovery phase, we schedule an in-person meeting or call so that we can better understand your goals and objectives. During this first interaction, we listen to your pain points, talk through any barriers, and understand your vision so that our experts can create a robust solution customized for your business all within your target budget.

Project Go

Once we have discovered your goals and objectives and agree upon a solution, the fun part begins - the strategy. We call it Project Go!
Any project or campaign must begin with an established strategy in order to define what success means to you. At Delian Digital, we begin each project with in-depth market research to better understand the primary users and their needs. This process helps to pave the way for developing a detailed strategy. Requirements are not just written down and built into a solution - the team identifies key metrics of success with the information to ensure the final product will hit those performance goals and ensure project success.


Once we have identified the target audience, conducted competitor analysis and gathered in-depth market research, there is no question that the framework of the project is in place. It’s time for “the look”. Not one design looks the same - our designs are customized to be solution-driven based upon our findings in phases 0 and 1.

The Build

We use a proven agile development methodology and lean startup principles to reduce risk and deliver robust applications to our clients. During this phase, the development team holds daily scrums.
Scrum meetings allow the Delian Digital project manager to talk to the entire team, keep abreast of the project status, and manage critical decisions on a daily basis throughout the development process.

DevOps/Continuous Development Support

We understand that software is never complete- although we strive to take your product to production as soon as possible, we know that continued enhancements and changes may occur once the project has launched. As such, Delian Digital provides DevOps driven continuous improvement and development support for our clients as needed.


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